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North to Alaska

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We are on our way, North to Alaska! The first night was spent in Moscow, ID. We visited with Arlinda and Ralph Nauman. Arlinda was my boss at the State 4-H office. We then headed to Bonners Ferry, ID to visit long time friends, Dave and Dottie Grey. We haven’t seen them for such a long time. It was fun seeing the high school where Garry and I first started teaching, fresh out of college. The town of Bonners Ferry hasn’t changed much.
Then it was on to Canada. Of course, we had to confuse the border agent with the answer about fire arms. She thought we had one hid! So she had fun looking for it! Took about ½ hour! And she didn’t even ask for the papers on the dogs, after all I went through to be sure we had the dogs covered.

7103.jpg(Mountains near Banff.)

We spent the night at Radium in the Redstreak Kootenai National Park campground. Soaked for awhile in the hot springs….very nice.
101.jpg(Bighorn Sheep at Radium Hot Springs)

The next day, we drove to Jasper. The mountains are covered with snow. What a beautiful drive. By the time we arrived at the Columbia Icefields, it was raining and blowing. I couldn’t get a decent picture of the glacier.
109.jpg(Summit at Icefields Parkway)

We spent the night at the Wapiti campground. We walked around Jasper; couldn’t believe the number of people! It started raining and blowing about the time we went to bed. I could hear it storming most of the night. When we woke up in the morning, SURPRISE….it had snowed! Just a skiff; nothing on the highway.

We had a nice drive to Prince George.
114.jpg(Reargaurd Falls along Yellowtail Highway) The day started out cloudy with mixed rain and snow. By the time we were headed down the Mount Robson summit, it quit raining and was partly cloudy. We saw lots of deer during the drive and I saw a black bear alongside the Yellowtail highway. He was pooping in the woods…so Yes, bears DO poop in the woods! We are stayed the night at the Pine Ridge Mall, where there is lots of space to ourselves. The dogs are enjoyed watching the people walk by.

Early this morning we headed for Dawson Creek. It was snowing lightly when we left Prince George. However, the snow was heavier the further we drove north. It snowed the entire time to Dawson Creek.
116.jpgWe had slushy and some snow packed roads along the way. In one spot, there were actually small drifts along side the road. We could hardly believe our day, when it was 95 back home in Meridian, Idaho!! We finally made it to Milepost 0 of the Alaska Highway! We plan to stay in Dawson Creek 2 nights so we can get some laundry done and have a slight rest before we hit the road once again.

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Only One Week to Go!

We have just one more week till we hit the road. We have most everything packed in the camper. We are checking off our list, making sure we remember everything. We found someone to house sit, too! That gives me some peace of mind knowing that someone is here watching the place and taking care of the cats.

Please make comments when you visit our site. Feel free to ask any questions about the trip.

The next posting will be from somewhere in British Columbia.


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One Month to Go

Garry has been busy making various 'lists' and doing the minor winter repairs on the camper. He has already loaded some of our supplies in the camper. One of the extra bedrooms has become the Alaska supply storage space.


We plan to leave on May 14, Thursday, and drive to Moscow where we will have dinner with Arlinda (my former boss at the University of Idaho) and Ralph Nauman. They next morning we will have breakfast with the state 4-H office staff. Then we will head to Bonners Ferry for a visit with longtime friends, Dave and Dottie Gray. Then on to Radium Hot Springs for some nice soaking in the luxurious hot water. Garry and I have traveled all the way to Jasper, so the first part of the trip will be familiar territory. But once we leave Jasper, everything will be new to us.

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Planning Our Trip to Alaska

alaska_map.jpg On May 14, Garry and I will be embarking on a trip of a lifetime. We will be driving to Alaska, via the Alaska Highway. We plan to spend most of the summer there, enjoying the fishing, scenery, and wildlife. Our son, David, will be flying up mid June to join us for some fishing and clamming. A few days after he leaves, we will pick up our grandsons, Andrew and Cameron. They will spend the 4th of July with us in Valdez. They will also try their hand at fishing for Pink Salmon.

I plan to keep this blog updated while we are on the road. You can follow our travel adventures on this blog. Please feel free to comment.

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